About Feena

Born in London and raised in the Lancashire seaside town of Cleveleys, near Blackpool, Feena's love for design began as a young child. Surrounded by 1970's patterns and her Father's art books, Feena began to draw and paint from a young age. This eventually led to a degree in Fine Art from Oxford University where Feena specialised in painting. 

After years spent both painting and working in-house as a graphic designer for companies such as Osborne & Little, Feena took a break to have her three children. During this time, her love for patterns came to the fore once more and she began to create illustrations and surface patterns to sell in her online store LITTLE INK.

Her work is inspired by childhood memories, travels as a young girl, fairies, dreams, and wonderful, quirky England. All of her designs are named after places, mostly in Britain, and many are places that hold special memories from her childhood.

For more information, please CONTACT US. Feena loves to chat!